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Romans: Conclusion and Outline

In this 32nd post on the Letter to the Romans, it has to be said that just the tip of the iceberg has been observed. After six months of reading and posting and comparing the views taken here to what several other more qualified readers have seen we are just now at the point where a good reading of the letter could be begun. Unfortunately, that is not a project for the NonModernBlog. At 300 words an entry (sorry, I know that rule is broken ever more frequently) this is more a case of piquing interest and stimulating thought than true study or commentary. Personally, I have accomplished that because I am ready to start over at chapter one and do the whole thing all over again. Maybe this time I could come closer to being right on some things.

Here is a simplified version of the outline that has been created as a result of this journey. Perhaps it will help those readers who do attempt to read the letter in the future. As with any other book of the Bible, but perhaps more so with Romans, every passage is simply a part of the whole. To forget that in reading this letter will cause a lot of problems.

An Outline of Romans:
The Gospel According to Paul post

I. Introduction (1:1-17) post

II. God’s Wrath against Ungodliness and Unrighteousness. The Need for Salvation (1:18-3:20)

A. Unrighteousness without special revelation (1:18-32) post post

B. Unrighteousness among those with special revelation (2:1-29) post post

[ B’ Addressing the erroneous conclusions some could derive from the failure of the Jews: (See Also Section V) (3:1-8)]

C. Conclusions: The Results of Sin (3:9-20) post

III. God’s Righteousness Manifest. The Means of Salvation (3:21-5:21)

A. Justification Explained (3:21-31) post

B. Justification Illustrated (4:1-25) post post

C. Conclusions: The Results of Justification (5:1-21) post post post

IV. God’s Righteousness in Individual Believers. The Sanctification and Glorification of the Saved (6:1-8:39) post

A. Sin and the Believer (6:1-23) post

B. The Law and the Believer (7:1-25) post

C. The Holy Spirit and the Believer (8:1-17)post

D. Conclusions: The Results of Sanctification: Hope and Glorification (8:18-39) post post post

V. God’s Righteousness in His Sovereign Election. His Righteousness has not failed. (9:1-11:36)

A. Has God’s purpose not already failed with the Jews? (9:1-5)
[A hypothetical objection is raised again. (See II B’ 3:1-8)]

B. No, Due to the Nature of God’s Call. (9:6-29) post

C. Israel’s Failure: The Righteousness of God is by Faith (9:30-10:21) post post

D. God’s Purpose for Israel (11:1-32) post post

E. Conclusion: Doxology (11:33-36)

VI. God’s Righteousness Practiced in the World; the Life of Salvation (12:1-15:13)

A. True Worship (12:1, 2) post

B. Love in the Community of Faith (12:3-21) post

C. Love in the World (13:1-14) post

D. Love in Liberty and Tolerance (14:1-15:13) post

VII. Concluding Remarks (15:14-16:27)

A. The Ministry of the Gospel (15:14-33) post

B. Greetings (16:1-16)

(C. A Warning against False Doctrine (16:17-20)) post

B’. Greetings Continued (16:21-27)

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