Monday, October 29, 2007

Boycott the Golden Compass?

Okay, not a full post, but a reaction to something annoying.

What serves God better? When faced with a movie based on books that are critical of institutional religion, should you:

A- Call on the "faithful" to boycott it?


B- Use the thematic material to strike up conversations with lost people about how religion is in fact bad and what people need is a relationship with God?

One of the biggest critiques of Christianity is that Christians don't think. Calling on Christians to not see a movie or read a book just because somebody says it will introduce them to harmful lies seems to imply that the people who believe that most are the Christians themselves.

True Christianity is a flock following Christ, not a herd blindly chasing each other around.

Whether you see the movie or not, is up to you, just don't waste this opportunity to engage people in talks about spirituality and your relationship with God. Be informed. Know what the movie (and the books) are actually saying so that you can intelligently hold up your side of the conversation.
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