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Ephesians: Outline

Usually, the outlines to the books studied here are posted at the end of the process. This time, however, the “working” outline will be posted first, with adjustments, corrections and links added as the series progresses.


The Church in Christ: Our Riches in the heavenly places and walk in the world.

Introduction 1. (1:1,2) post

I. The Prayers and The Mystery: The Believer’s Blessings in the Heavenly Places (1:3-3:21)

A. The First Prayer:

2. Doxology: God has blessed His people with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ. (1:3-14)
post on 3,
post on 4-6,
post on 7-12,
post on 13&14,


3. Prayer for a spirit of wisdom and of revelation to enable believers to see the hope and riches brought about in Christ. (1:15-23) post


B. God’s plan was to reconcile humanity to Himself and to each other in Christ.

4. Believers are rescued to life from death by God’s grace in order to fulfill the plan of God’s will for their lives. (2:1-10)
Post on 1-7,
post on 8&9,
post on 10


5. God has reconciled people from the diversity of all of humanity into His family. (2:11-22) post


6. This is the mystery of God’s plan from the beginning: that God’s people are from all peoples on earth. (3:1-13) post

C. The Second Prayer:

7. Prayer that the Church will be rooted in the love of Christ. (3:14-19) post

8. Doxology: Praise for all that God accomplishes through His people. (3:20, 21) post

II. The Believer’s Walk in the World (4:1-6:20)

A. God’s plan to reunite humanity and reconcile it to Himself requires that we strive to preserve the unity He has given us.

9. Walk in a manner worthy of the calling, preserving the unity in diversity. (4:1-16) post


B. The new self created in righteousness and holiness of the truth. [Faith] post

10. Put off the old walk and way of living and put on the likeness of God. (4:17-24) post

11. The way of putting off and putting on. (4:25-32) post


C. We imitate God as we live walking with each other in love. [Love]

12. Walk in love. (5:1, 2) post

i. The way of the walk of love.

13. Walk in the light. (5:3-14) post

14. Walk wisely, filled with the Spirit, subject to each other. (5:15-21) post


ii. The household of faith. post, post

15. Wives and Husbands as a picture of Christ and the Church. (5:22-33)

16. Children and Parents. (6:1-4)

17. Slaves and Masters. (6:5-9)

D. Stand firm and pray in the struggle against the spiritual powers in the world. [Hope]

18. Be strong in the Lord in the struggle. Stand fast and pray. (6:10-20) post


Conclusions (6:21-24)

19. Personal remarks and arrangements. (6:21, 22)

20. Closing blessings. (6:23, 24)

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