What is NonModern?

NonModern is a blog of ideas, thoughts and observations. I started this project several years ago to provide me with a place to write my thoughts. If someone finds what I write interesting or helpful, then that is a bonus.

NonModern is usually concerned with how believers interact with culture from a position of faith. Sometimes I write about that process, but what I try to do more of is actually interact with the culture around me.

Who is behind NonModern?

My name is Jason, and I live in Europe. My perspective on life and the world around me is a little different, because I am not European. I was born in the USA, but spent much of my formative years living in South America. All of that combined with where I am today makes my perspective that of an outsider, pretty much anyway you look at it.  For those who know what it means, I am an INTP strong on the N and the P.

Why NonModern?

Mostly because I have been doing this for so long that I can’t change the name anymore. However, there is a reason for the name. Most Missional people try to relate to the culture and be “relevant.” For a while now, that has meant being “Postmodern,” but even that is a passing, changing perspective on the world. I think that believers have an advantage in that our worldview can relate to any philosophical perspective—it is not modern, postmodern or any other trendy way of looking at the world. It transcends any one philosophy or culture. It is NonModern.

What will you find here?

I try to post a few times every week. Sometimes I look at what the Bible has to say to believers living in the world. More often, I look at things in the culture around me: film, television, books, politics or any other thing that sparks ideas. I have also used this as a place to post poems I occasionally attempt. There are a certain number of rules that I started out with, and I still stick to them more or less.

Thanks for reading my blog!

I hope you find things that will cause you to think about things from a different perspective.

Please comment!

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