Monday, October 11, 2010

Romans 8:26-39 (Trinitarian Hope)

It is nice to know that we are not left alone with just hope and endurance when we see the evil in this world. To be sure, as with everything in Christianity, we have to rely on faith. We must believe in things we cannot prove. We hope for things that we cannot see. However, we can know that every person in the triune God is alongside us in our suffering, acting in our lives bringing about our glorification.

The Holy Spirit is praying for us. (26, 27) When we see the bad things that we encounter in our lives—the suffering of children, the sickness, the disasters—we find that we do not know what to pray. Where is God’s will evil we see? We are not alone in our prayers. The Spirit of God that is within us, that is God Himself and knows our thoughts and God’s heart helps us to pray for what God’s plan requires.

God the Father is sovereign and His plans take everything into account. (28-30) There is nothing that He allows to enter our lives that He cannot take and use for His purpose. He will bring all of His people into a glorious future that He has planned and that will not only be far greater than this world’s evils could ever cancel out, but also a future that grows out of the current sufferings we face in this world.

Finally, we have the Son. (31-39) Jesus Christ has suffered and died on the cross to heal all the suffering and sin that we will face. There is nothing that we can face here that will separate us from the love of Christ evidenced on the cross.

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