Monday, August 16, 2010

Romans 5:1-5 (More Than Justified)

Thanks to what Christ has done, we have gained so much more than mere “Salvation.” Being declared right in God’s esteem, we are now at peace with Him. Our relationship has been restored. But that is just the beginning. Not that peace with God is a small thing. The meaninglessness in which all humanity has been trapped due to our own acts of rebellion is over. We are now free to live the life that we have been created to live. We can be who we are and have the meaning that a relationship with our Maker provides. This alone would be enough for rejoicing.

We also stand in grace. This is a huge statement, but easily overlooked if we are not careful. The guilt that all humanity has carried around since the fall makes us do some really weird things. Most people try to find arbitrary ways to appease the feeling of guilt that they have. They can never hope to do anything to really make right the wrong that they do, but they still try. This is what nearly all religious belief involves. Trying to find a sacrifice worthy of the guilt we carry. Religion in this sense is a sad and oppressive thing. Of course, more and more people are finding ways to cope with the guilt they feel and convince themselves that they should not feel guilt for anything. This only creates people who not only hurt others, but never try to stop since they are living entirely for whatever makes them forget their guilt. Standing in God’s grace, however, frees us from the vicious cycle of guilt and sacrifice.

Finally, we have hope. This is no empty hope and change promise that is never delivered. We have a hope that works in us on two levels. We live in the hope of the glory that we will experience when all is made right and creation is once again as it was intended to be. This hope has already been delivered in part. We have the evidence of a risen Jesus Christ and the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives to assure us that it is now empty hope. In addition, we have the hope that is grown in us every day as we face and overcome challenges and as we stand against the attacks that come our way. Once again, we do not face the world alone with a mere feeling, but we are strengthened through the Holy Spirit proving the validity of the hope we have daily.

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