Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Well, As Long As You Feel Good About Yourself

Well, 2007 marked the greatest temperature change for the planet since instrument readings have been taken. The only problem is, the temperature dropped. Combine that with the fact that sunspot activity is way down, and we now have a scientist saying that “Global Warming” may be over and we should get ready for anther ice age.

This scientific soothsayer is probably no more right than the Al Gores of the world, but the point is: How much effort should politicians put into making people jump through hoops all in the name of climate change, when the sun counteracts any attempts we make to affect the climate? It is kind of like the old story about the fly on the ox’s back complaining about all the hard work they are doing.

A lot of people like to think that their lives and the decisions they make have a huge impact on the world. In some cases, like relationships and societies, an individual can make a difference, but when knee-jerk and power hungry political leaders coordinate societies behavior, all they end up affecting is people’s lives.

The latest fiasco is the reallocation of huge amounts of grains from food supplies to bio-fuel production. Many scientists are still raising questions about whether “bio-fuels” actually do less damage. Meanwhile the cost of basic nutrition has drastically increased. Starvation is killing 25,000 people a day. What is more important: competing with a ball of fire 1,300,00 times bigger than the earth for the number one spot on the climate affecting factors, or feeding the poorest people on the planet?

The fact is, for a lot of climate change zealots, 25,000 deaths a day is a step in the right direction since over population is one of the biggest problems they see about humanity.

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