Monday, August 30, 2010

Romans 5 (What you don't need to believe to be saved.)

The fact that Paul doesn’t address the origins of sin or the fall itself until after he has finished explaining salvation and moved onto the saved life brings up an interesting consideration. What do you need to know—what needs to be believed in order for a person to be saved?

The fact is that we often introduce facts into the equation that muddy the water. Do you need to believe all the stories? Adam and Eve, Noah and the Arc, and all the others? In some cases, and insistence in teaching and demanding people believe in those facts throws barriers up against people seeing their need for a savior.

Paul did a great job of showing that sin and its affects can be seen and understood clearly. Once a person has accepted the truth of the cross, those other truths can be taught and accepted in faith.

So what are some examples of things we push on people before they believe?

Creation ex nihilo.

A world-wide flood.

A single original human couple.

Behavioral demands.

Or even worse, we push things that are completely irrelevant such as political philosophy, or our ever so beloved “American Dream” corruption of the Gospel.

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