Monday, November 1, 2010

Romans 10:8-15 (The Missional Paradox)

Many a heresy has been constructed around the paradoxes of Scriptural teaching. God and the things of God are often beyond our puny human understanding, but in an effort to impose our limited logic on God, we err to one side or another of an issue. Was Jesus God or man? Is God one or three persons? Is God sovereign, or do we have free will?

How enlightening, illuminating and ironic is it that one of the strongest passages about God’s election is also one of the strongest in demonstrating the need of all to hear the Gospel message? One argument that Paul addresses specifically in this section (that is still regularly thrown out, I heard it again just last week) is: how can God judge me as a sinner when He made me this way? That same argument, presented in the Church is: why do we need to share God’s message of forgiveness when He already knows who will accept it?

Whichever side of the predestination argument you fall on (or even if you prefer a more Biblical balance), one issue that cannot be doubted is that God’s plan is for His people to share His message with the entire world.

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