Thursday, July 2, 2015

Star Trek Voyager (Season 4a)

Season 3b—Season 4b

Season four of Voyager starts out with a lot of plots that feel minor, and the screenwriters seem more interested in pursuing character lines. A relationship is developed between Paris and Torres, for example, but even more times is devoted to the character of Seven. She is the Borg who is relearning to be human, and clearly the focus of the series at this point. There are a couple episodes that revolve around interesting ideas, but also several that flounder a bit.

Episode 1. “Scorpion (Part 2)” 

The idea of a wholly “other” reality is actually a novel idea for a parallel universe story. What is really at stake here is getting the crew through their “bargain with the devil” intact, and trapping Seven on the ship as a new part of the crew.

Episode 2. “The Gift” 

A pretty nebulous plot designed to get Kes off the show while at the same time lessoning the Borg threat going forward. Interestingly, it also puts the ship in a whole new area of space, so the threats and interactions from here on out will be new.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Super Pooper

I ate obscene amounts of hot cuisine
Mexican and Indian with Tabasco

All I did was eat and sleep and feed
Wishing every bite was not the last one

But I haven’t had that urge that should be coming
Suddenly, I feel so tight
And it has to be so different
When I'm on the pot tonight!

I’ll be the Super Pooper
Laxative will save me
But the burning like the sun
Will not be much fun
Going more than number one

I’ll be the Super Pooper
Talcum powder, sooth me
But I must go poo
Like I always do
Otherwise… rectal prolapse… eww!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


(Poetry Scales 39

Jane Leigh-Perrot was a very sick woman
She couldn’t help herself
What she did was wrong, but she was compelled
She had to steal for her health

Ever since her problem was named
By Freud and other analysts
We began to embrace the dubious faith
That wrong is really just sickness

Today we’ve taken things a bit further
As “sickness” carries… connotations
When people do things that shouldn’t be done
They change rules, trade truth for imaginary

Monday, June 29, 2015

Gleam Bean

I wrote a poem
Devoted to a shade
Of lime, slime, green
Self-published it into
The ether of the web
And now it will never be seen.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

"The Black Mountain" by Rex Stout (in brief)

I chose this volume out of several available at the second-hand store in Munich because it was the first ever Nero Wolfe book I ever read. What is surprising to me after rereading it, is that I am such a fan of the series. This is nothing like the rest of the oeuvre. It can hardly be considered a case of sleuthing. It is more of a spy adventure, which may explain why the teen-aged me liked it. I also enjoyed Helen MacInnes a lot then too.

While it isn’t much of a mystery, it is fun to see Archie suffer culture shock and helplessness in the countries they visit. A little fun.

Overall it has to be the least engaging Nero Wolfe I’ve read.
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