Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"Bugs' Bonnets" (Ephesians 6:10-20)

A Warner Brothers Cartoon from the classic period of the studio, “Bugs Bonnets” is a Merrie Melody released in 1956. In it we find Elmer hunting Bugs as usual, but in this one a series of hats rain down on our stars, changing their personality to fit the hats. Funny situations develop as the hats cause a lot of confusion.

It is silly, but we really can see how this cartoon illustrates the old saying, “The clothes make the man.” It is a true statement, in many ways. While perhaps not as literally as in the cartoon, we judge people by appearances and we even act differently according to our appearance at times. A uniform changes the way we see someone, and a disheveled look on a person causes an opposite reaction. Many a TV show has demonstrated the positive affect a “make-over” can have on a person. We repeatedly here how actors claim that a costume has the power to create the character they are called upon to play.

Spiritually, Paul uses the clothing analogy to illustrate the weapons and spiritual qualities we have at our disposal in order to face the spiritual forces in our lives. Since it is a spiritual concept, there is no costume we can put on to change our outlook and approach to life, but it is a change we need to make on a daily basis. Just as we dress each day for the task we have ahead of us, we need to cover our spiritual selves in the armor and defenses available.

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