Monday, March 28, 2011

The Corporate Dimension (Ephesians 2:11-22)

In Chapter 2:1-10, Paul reminded his readers that they had been reconciled to God through the work of Christ. In 2:11-22, he highlights the reconciliation that has occurred amongst mankind as a result of the cross.

Christians in western culture easily see the individual repercussions of the Gospel. We all recognize that we have a responsibility before God for our actions and that we all have a decision to make about what we believe that no one else can make for us. What we often overlook is the corporate dimension of humanity. Like it or not, we are all a part of a larger group (or even groups) of people. Family, community, nationality, party, tribe, or online social network—we all belong to groups of people that shape who we are and that we help shape with who we are.

Some of us really have a problem with this. We may like certain individuals but we see the ugly side of humanity in the masses.

Christ’s work on the cross has changed humanity in more ways than just saving those who believe in Him. He has reconciled the people of God. He has united humanity in Himself. This is an important factor to include in how we do Ecclesiology. We need to do away with our consumer attitude to church. We need to recognize the ways in which we are a part of something bigger than our own individuality. Wherever we live we belong to church/churches/communities that we are placed in by God. We busy ourselves a lot with “church shopping” and we often miss out on the place or places that God has prepared for us to fit—the missing piece that we are to what God is doing.

Most of us are prepared to accept the philosophical/universal aspect of this passage. God has united all believers into a church that will be together in eternity. Where we often miss the point is today in our immediate situation and the ways that affects our lives where we live. What communities are you a part of, and are you fulfilling your God given roles in them?

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