Wednesday, March 2, 2011

“Creature Comforts” (Ephesians 1:15-23)

Creature Comforts was the Academy Award winning animated short from 1989. It was an early effort from Aardman, the makers of the Wallace and Gromit films. It was a simple but great concept. They went out and interviewed some kids, some people in small apartments, and some residents of a retirement home. Then they animated the interviews as though they were conducted with zoo animals. The result is a pretty humorous but insightful view on the condition of these animals, taken from their environment and put on display.

Of course, the deeper level of enjoyment that this film evokes is the way it causes the viewer to think about their own life. How do we define contentment and fulfillment? Are the things that we pursue in our culture the things that really matter? How many people simply live from day to day with no real thought to why they do the things they do?

On a Christian level, this short is a good illustration of the deficiencies of many churches and Christians. They have been given access to all the spiritual blessings available to humanity. They have a relationship with the Maker of all things. They could fulfill the very purpose for which they have been created. Many appear to be completely aimless as they go through life appeasing desires and felt needs as if the secret to life were “be happy.”

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