Monday, May 16, 2011

How To: Walk (Ephesians 4:25-32)

After Paul calls on believers to “walk in a manner worthy of their calling” by working to maintain unity, and by not behaving as they used to before they believed, he goes on to describe ways that the change of walk can be effected.

Do not lie to one another.

When you are angry, do not allow your anger to cause you to do wrong.

Work so that you have things that you can share with the needy.

When you speak, build each other up.

Remember that God is always you, and do not do things that would cause Him grief.

Avoid bitterness, wrath, slander and malice.

This sounds like a list of rules, which is strange coming from Paul. However, we need to remember that Paul never argues against a standard of behavior. He simply reminds us that our lifestyles and efforts do not help us attain anything from God. Once we have a relationship with God, it is only natural that we will desire to live life in a way that pleases Him. Therefore, while we are free from the law and its judgment, we still want to live life like a child of God. We want to walk like the people we have become.

The above list is less a set of rules and more a description of behavior befitting a person who has been changed by the grace of God. It should come “naturally” but it does require an amount of discipline and awareness on our part, considering the environment in which we live.

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