Monday, February 27, 2012

A Truckin' Shame

“Truck” was invented as a word to offend.
The connection of something so wonderful
and even beautiful
to the most serious of offenses is understandable
but sad.

Interstate commerce is vital to life.
The relationship designed to facilitate that traffic
one of supreme trust
and any casual or even forced intercourse
is bad.

But somewhere English shipped itself.
The corruption is an embarrassment
and a shame
because other tongues, in the business of offense,

Where all culture has become harsh
and the trend is toward vulgarity
overuse of taboo
increased inability
even incapacity to shock
most hold the big guns in reserve.

Not only does English overuse it
as a child trying and failing to be adult
but it has made it an inane filler
that exposes a lack of
and intelligent thought.

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