Sunday, February 12, 2012

Philippians Outline

Philippians is not the sort of letter that is structured in outline form. It is more of a free flowing series of thoughts. That being said, here is the “outline” that will be followed here:

1. Greetings (1:1,2)  post
2. Paul’s Prayer for the Philippians (1:3-11)  post
3. The Gospel’s advance (1:12-18)  post  post2
4. Hope vs. Escapism (1:19-26)  post
5. A Costly Gospel! (1:27-30)  post
6. Christ’s example of humility (2:1-11)  post
7. Work out your salvation! (2:12,13)  post
8. Paul’s example of joy (2:14-18)  post
9. The Examples of Timothy and Epaphroditus (2:19-30)  post
10. Rejoice! (3:1)  post
11. Beware of false, religious teaching! (3:2-6)  post
12. Reject Religious Rubbish (3:7-11)  post
13. Press on! (3:12-16)  post
14. The pattern of heaven (3:17-21)  post
15. Stand firm! (4:1-3)  post
16. Joy and Peace in the Now (4:4-7)  post
17. Real Discernment (4:8,9)  post
18. The fellowship of Christ’s strength (4:10-14) post
19. God’s provision (4:15-20) post
20. Greetings and Benediction (4:21-23) post

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