Friday, February 24, 2012

"The Decoy Bride"

It is an inconsistency, I’ll admit, but the formulaic nature in the Romantic Comedy bugs me more than in other genre. Perhaps it is because the formula is not played against expectation as often in those stories; maybe it is my gender. Either way, I am harder on those movies than others. That is why I take note when I am roped into watching one and I end up liking it.

This occurred last week when I watched “The Decoy Bride,” twice. Ultimately the formula is followed, but somehow there is a novelty there. Perhaps it is the pleasant accents heard in the film; it is a Scottish story. Maybe it is the stunning cinematography; I want to visit the Isle of Man now. It certainly has something to do with Kelly MacDonald’s performance. (She, Jessica Chastain and Benedict Cumberbatch have emerged as the most compelling people acting over the past couple of years.)

The story itself involves a mistaken marriage and the efforts of the couple to undo the mistake and rectify the situation back to the way things are supposed to be. The fascinating thing is watching them evolve from undisguised disdain to caring and ultimately love (Don’t cry spoiler, this is a RomCom!) over the course of the day. It is reminiscent of “The 39 Steps” in a way, but more of an emotional journey than a relationship built on intense circumstances.


  1. I saw the film last night and found it awkward, disappointing and a huge let down. I love David Tennant but was left wondering why indeed he got involved with what was such a poorly written script. Whilst I agree with you about the problems with the Romantic Comedy genre, I do not find this an interesting and successful example of this, in fact quite to the contrary. I did not find the characters believable and apart from a few good one-liners I'd give it a miss.

  2. If like Scottish Drama but didn't like the film try this instead:

    The Crews: is now available online by clicking on the links below as is SANDWICH the short film on which it was based.

    Filmed in Glasgow, Scotland, The Crews follows the exploits of two seasoned underworld figures Tommy Granger (Robert Harrison) and Mick Turner (Jim Sweeney) and the police who are trying to convict them.

    The series features cameos from renowned Scottish actors David Hayman, Stephen McCole and World Snooker Champion John Higgins.

    SANDWICH The Prologue to The Crews:

  3. I do agree with your review. It was surprisingly good. Maybe the people who don't understand Katie's character simply lack insight into the life lived in a small closed community - when you grow up wanting to get away, aquire a quirky sense of humor from LOTS of reading. I find that I can relate to her very well. Although the script was rather scant the actors personalities are what made this film great for me. And of course, how can you not love something that David, Benedict or Tom is in!


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