Monday, February 20, 2012

Rock Star Rock Hound

when Marty Pitt was seven years old
he uncovered his passion in life
tunneling through the yard to China
with a toy plastic shovel and pike
before he had gotten far at all
he dug up a stone quite pie-rite-y
learned that he could collect such things and
joined the local rock society

in those days some folks would assemble
native samples: mineral and rocks
by digging, scratching through solid earth
and keep them in an old cigar box
Marty thought that while pretty was nice
bigger was still more impressive
his goal was the biggest collection
not just large but truly quite massive

he found that the actual digging
was hard work and a pain in the butt
searching through catalogues to buy stones
costly and he didn’t have the bucks
that was when he discovered concrete
it was everywhere that he went
he needed just hammer and chisel
to have rocks to his heart’s true content

as Marty grew and in size and stature
he invented a way to use casts
to make all his “rocks” quite uniform
and so store his collection quite vast
now he travels far and wide to teach
his ideas and thoughts on collecting
and his satellite aggregations
the peak in assembly erecting

some people favor the old, hard way
that result in collections quite small
but petrology’s future tends more
toward quite massive collections in halls
so don’t search for ores and rare gem stones
just follow the Marty Pitt know how
because size and fame are the new goals
and his way is the new sacred cow

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