Monday, February 13, 2012

Crazy Christian Conspiracies

Conspiracy theories and theorists can be fun. They find connections in life where there are often merely tenuous similarities; or else they find sinister causal explanations where perfectly innocent obvious explanations exist. But, that is a fun way to play as long as people keep their grasp firmly on reality. The problem is that conspiracies and theorists don’t tend to do so well in that regard.

When you add Christianity (or any religion) to the mix things get even more interesting. Long before the modern-ish conspiracy theory phenomenon existed, religious nuts had been doing the very same thing only with the power and backing of institutional force. When a group is convinced that their salvation and source of truth lie in an organization, that organization can do and teach whatever it wants. Thinking and such religions do not go together.

That is a major part of why the Reformation occurred, however, people have not changed all that much. Many protestant believers still shy away from the difficult practice of “faith seeking understanding.” They just want someone to tell them what to believe. And the more outlandish or exciting it is the better.

One of the more entertaining and “out there” conspiracies to hit the internet last week was the one claiming that the Super Bowl exposed Barack Obama as the anti-Christ! (Since when has that sporting event been a major source of prophetic oracles?) I would post it here for fun, but I know too many believers that would take it far too seriously and give it the credence it does not deserve. If you think you can handle it and not freak out, go looking for the video. I’m sure it is not hard to find.

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