Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Fantasy Bucket List

Carmen, over at In the Open Space (her link is also in the sidebar to the right) posted an interesting list recently. It was a Fantasy Bucket List, one of those lists of things you would like to do before you die, only in this case things you would do if they weren’t mere fiction. It is something all fantasy and scifi fans have done at one time or another, and I thought I would have a go…

I quickly realized that most of the things from fictional worlds that I would like to do involve experiencing the environments. So most of my list involves trips I would like to take:

10. Go for a drive through the Phantom Tollbooth

9. Spend a couple weeks on Perelandra.

8. Go on an expedition with Professor Challenger

7. Explore the Narnian Countryside with a talking mouse and a marshwiggle

6. Go for a “walk” with Gandalf

Some things involve adventures that I’m not sure I would be able to handle:

5. Visit Jurassic Park without all the chaos

4. Discover a monstrous evil and take it on like in Dracula, The List of Seven or The Historian

3. Help Sherlock Holmes solve a case in Victorian England

But the best items on my Fantasy Bucket List involve assuming an entirely new way of life:

2. Attend a year at Hogwarts

1. Travel in the TARDIS with the Doctor


  1. Only one year at Hogwarts??? I'd be up for repeating middle school and high school (and all the awkwardness thereof) just to attend :-D

  2. how could i have forgotten JURASSIC PARK?!?! cool list :)

  3. What? No archeological advendures with Dr. Jones? I'm disappointed. Come on Jason, stwong bwidge, good wood, c'mon Dr. Jones.

  4. Yeah, I think I would do the same, Paul.

    Oh, man! Luke, I knew I was missing something. I could handle the bugs in Temple and the rats in Crusade, but I don't know about the snakes in Raiders.

    I may have to watch one of those again tonight!


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