Wednesday, August 4, 2010


They call this place the Land of Enchantment, and it is magical in a way. Light behaves differently here. Sometimes everything seems washed out and sub-reality—then everything can change on a dime and you have colors that don’t belong: red mountains, purple skies, and green desert. Just when you think this place is a dried up husk of desolation, the wind whips up and the clouds dance in and everything is alive again.

As with any city perched on the skin of a desert, Albuquerque seems a little alien. It is only natural that these people are some of those that started the modern obsession with extraterrestrials; they are E.T. themselves in some ways. Too much time in a place like this is likely to drive anyone into weird ways of thinking. Drive north into the mountains and you may get lost—not so much in the terrain, but in the strange muses and ruminations that creep in.

This is the land of dinosaurs, cave dwellers, conspiracy theorists, and ancient tribes. Bears and lions and deadly poisonous creatures dwell behind every bush and rock. Traveler beware.

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  1. YES! Living here is a roller coaster ride of things I hate to things I love: cool nights, but hot summer days with only SWAMP COOLERS instead of AC!; no rain at our house, occasional thunder rumbles as we watch clouds move AROUND us over on the horizon; and I could go on and on... but thanks for giving us some space :-) Good job!


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