Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jeff's Story

Jeff serves at a church in the heart of the DFW Metroplex. His ministry is with teens and yet he has a global impact. Somehow or another, his church has a sizeable contingent of Cambodians, naturalized American who emerged from the atrocities that tore their world apart 30 years ago. When Jeff saw that, it was only natural to suggest that they make a trip back to their country to reach people with the Gospel.

Some of these people had decided that they would never ever return to that land again. They didn’t have the heart to tell Jeff that. They soon realized that it wasn’t just Jeff calling. Now that they have made several of those trips, whole villages have received the message of the Cross. Churches have been planted. Long lost and presumed dead family members have been rediscovered. Recurring nightmares have ceased.

Perhaps just as interesting and important—the church there in the Metroplex has changed. They now have a vision for the world, but also for their own city. When the church opens their eyes to what God is doing and does what they are called to do they are changed. They tap into purpose, power and the potential that they have. God has not assembled churches all around the world to simply hang out, learn Bible minutia, and improve themselves. He wants world changers.

What are you supposed to change today?

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE that guy's ministry! He has big vision and a big heart to make it happen.


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