Thursday, November 6, 2008

To Nicholas and Other Boys With Questions (Part 2)

Even though we have minds too small to grasp these things, we understand intuitively that they are true. Every culture since the beginning of human history (and before) has known that there was something greater than us and a maker of everything. The Bible tells us that since God made everything, He also made it in such a way that it tells about him. Much in the way a painting tells us something about the person that painted it. God has left clues about Himself in His creation. More about that later.

We also know through observation that the whole universe is full of cause and effect. If a ball is seen flying through the air, someone must have thrown it. We are alive because we were born to some parents, and they in turn were also born. Naturally if we go back far enough we would get to the very first cause of the universe, the thing that started it all.

Science is useful for a lot of things, but understanding these questions is not a capacity of science. The very basis of scientific inquiry is the scientific method. The first three basic steps in this method are:
We observe a phenomenon.
We hypothesize a cause for this phenomenon.
We test our hypothesis through experimentation.

This is a great way for knowing more about the universe, but it is limited when it comes to knowing things outside of our dimensional reality or knowing about things that happened before the universe began. Scientists are even today learning more and more about what happened in the very first millionths of a second after the Big Bang occurred, but they can not see what happened before that, because there was no space or time before it. As far as we can tell, it all came out of nothing. Just like the Bible says.

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