Wednesday, November 12, 2008


There is a relatively new feature on Blogger (to me anyway) that is quite helpful. You can find it in the right column of NonModern, with the title “NonHerd.” It is a convenient way for those of you who follow a number of blogs online to keep track of what has been newly posted. If you have several blogs that you like to read it can be a pain to go to each one every day and check to see if anything new has been written. Following a blog puts it on your Blogger login page and lets you see at a glance the newest entries of all the blogs you follow.

You have the option of following a blog anonymously or publicly. If you choose to follow publicly it is a good way of expanding the reach of your own blog, because people see you there on the page of the blogs they read and might correctly (or not) assume that your blog will interest them as you both have chosen to read the same blog. This is a good reason to follow blogs like NonModern as well, even though you know pretty much when they are being updated.

Go ahead and follow! It is not a sign of agreement or an indication that you see this spot as a “leader.” Thus the term “NonHerd” since “Follow” sounds like a bunch of cattle going around in a pack. Nobody wants that.

Mainly it just makes me feel better to know that people read this thing! (Which explains my frequent trips to Google Analytics that tells me: some 898 visitors in 46 countries and 42 states have been here over 1500 times since April!)


  1. Thanks for the invite! We are still adjusting to life here and praying through "What's Next". We'd love to live in the same city with Familie Dietz, we just need to find out what God wants:) Love the blog and read it almost everyday!


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