Friday, November 7, 2008

Pop-Culture Needs More Banjo

“Park the old car
That I love the best
(The) inspections due and it won’t pass the test
It’s funny how I have to put it to rest
And how one day…I will join it” -Tear Down the House

Ever get tired of the way the music industry creates a new star every couple of years? Sometimes the way the public swallows each and every polished image it makes you wonder why these people need any talent at all. Oh wait, they don’t really, do they? With stylists and sound techs and hit writers and a radio industry all creating the next trend for people to love (and a whole other team already working on the next one for when the people tire of this one) everything is too perfect, too mechanical.

But there is still real music out there—people who can pick up an instrument, and write heartfelt lyrics to a sing able tune. They may not be prefect. They may be rough around the edges. But man! They are fun to listen to, and they have things to say. Oh, and this band features a banjo. Gotta love some banjo.

The Avett Brothers have been around for a few years, but they are not a part of the industry machine so you may not have heard of them. They just released a new EP called The Second Gleam. Tear Down the House is a beautiful song about the past and not living in it. Murder in the City is about being remembered and enjoying the love shared in family. Do yourself a favor and Youtube these guys. They are worth a listen.

After those two songs, check out the beatlesque Will You Return or Paranoia in Bb Major. Then maybe go to iTunes and buy up two or three albums. They are the kind that appear as though they will merit several contemplative hearings.

“Always remember, there is nothing worth sharing
Like the love that let us share our name.” -Murder in the City

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