Monday, November 3, 2008

Thoughts on the American Election

Yes. I am guilty. Call me un-American. I didn’t vote. You may say this gives me no right to complain. That is un-American. This election has been the biggest frustration in a long series of frustrations.

In the end it has become what looks like a lose-lose situation for America.

Obama: At this point it is looking all but certain that Obama will be the next president of the United States. This is hard to confirm, because studies have shown very clearly that the media is backing Obama and serving as an extension of his campaign. He is a confirmed and unapologetic Socialist. Most Americans are not, so how is he ahead? It has been shown time and again that people are not interested in what Obama believes or what his policies are; they have made him a symbol of whatever they want him to be. We are in for some serious “morning after” regret come Wednesday.

That is unless McCain pulls of a huge upset. That itself could be a worse outcome!

If the country survives the next four years, whichever party is in charge will likely be the most hated party in the history of the country. We appear to be in for some hard times and neither candidate is prepared, equipped, or capable of dealing with. 2012 will likely be another case of vote out the people in power regardless of who it is. So maybe that last thing conservatives should want is for the very moderate, do whatever it takes to make the Democrats happy, John McCain in office. At the very least it sounds like we could be in for a near civil war-martial law situation come Wednesday morning if Obama doesn’t win.

Wait! You’re forgetting about Sarah Palin!

No, I am not. Who is she? How is she any better than McCain or even Obama? Just because the media is trying their best to vilify the woman does not mean that she is the perfect candidate. Maybe by 2012 we will know who she is and what she believes and if she is ready to lead the free world. Maybe by then she will be a shoe-in to take the reins away from BHO. Looks like we may find out soon.

One last thought. What are real Germans over here saying? They love Obama. Why? He speaks REALLY well. Then they back up a bit, get a scared look in their eyes, and point out: “Of course we have been known to back well spoken orators before!”


  1. All I know is, I might be moving my family to Germany! :)

  2. we voted, but we did it like they say it was done in the bible ... we cast lots!

  3. Amy, if you don't like a socialist form of government, don't move to Germany!

  4. Ha ha! I know, after I wrote that, I figured I was in for a good comeback.


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