Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ramblings On MKs, Youth Groups, and SCC

For a TCK/MK growing up not only outside of the Bible-Belt but out of the Evangelical sub-culture altogether, spiritual maturity and growth can be a little difficult. It is work. But that is probably a good thing considering what passes for spiritual maturity and growth in most Youth Groups in the states. That is not a knock on all the Youth Ministers, just that sad reality of what churches and parents expect from Youth Ministry in the states. (“Keep my kids out of trouble, and that includes radical-sold-out-for-God-mentality kind of trouble long enough so they can achieve the American Dream.”) Anyway, Christian Discipline should be something to work at, so a lot of MKs turn out very good. (The others often become complete heathens.)

One thing that can help MKs is a good selection of music. Yes, it is ironic, considering what has been written about “Christian Music” here before. There are some good, theologically sound, thought provoking selections out there though. One particularly life changing/spiritually enlightening album came out in 1990: Steven Curtis Chapman’s “For the Sake of the Call.”

This is a great album. It has a lot to say about Christian life, service and sacrifice. Particularly good is the second cut: “What Kind of Joy Is This”… a great message that you don’t hear too often in mainstream American Christianity. The life of a Christian is not all blessing and good times, but rather often involves suffering and difficulty. The title track is a great track to inspire some of that radical-sold-out-for-God-mentality that the parents don’t like. All that, and Steven is sporting the most hilarious mullet on the cover!

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