Saturday, February 13, 2016

The City Lists Revisited

If asked to list my favorite cities today it looks a bit different from the lists I put together a few years ago. (Metro, City, Towns,Villages) Partly due to new experiences and places, but also with the benefit of time and reflection. This doesn’t totally negate those other lists, but augments them. Here are my current top 40 regardless of size:

1. Prague

Having been there dozens of times, I still find new fascinating things every trip.

2. Paris

Go for the sights, stay for the food.

3. Venice

Off season is the best time from what I hear.

4. Florence

This city is a work of art.

5. Quito

I could live there for the perfect weather, if I wouldn’t get bored with that.

6. Cortina d’Ampezzo

Feel like you are in the Pink Panther 60s.

7. London

I don’t think I could exhaust the things to see and do there.

8. Barcellona

In spite of some of the most bizarre esthetics, it is the food I want to revisit.

9. Krakow

-I was surprised at the beauty and history there.

10. Salzburg

Europe for mountain people.

11. Berlin

Arguably the most historic city for XXth Century buffs, it has unknown beauty.

12. Istanbul

This is the most exotic megacity I’ve ever been too.

13. Lisbon

A charming little city for a romantic getaway.

14. Rome

The biggest pile of historic ruins around, plus a lot of extravagant beauty.

15. Ephesus

Not a city anymore, you walk around amazed at what was.

16. Washington D.C.

I prefer the museums to the politics.

17. Nuremburg

Spend an afternoon inside the city walls.

18. Ramsau/ Berchtesgaden

These are the mountains

19. Meissen

My favorite middle ages hill fort town.

20. Puerto Mont

Take in the flavor, both touristic and cullinary.

21. Villarica/ Pucon

I can’t speak to these town since the latest erruption.

22. Santa Fe

A mountain town with the essence of Southwest flair.

23. Regensburg

A mini Cologne.

24. Leipzig

A music historian’s dream.

25. Estes Park

Summer in the Rockies is the best version of the Rockies.

26. Basel

What’s your pleasure? France, Germany, or Switzerland. Here you can have it all.

27. Rothenburg ob der Taube

Sometimes you just want to be a cliché.

28. Puerto Natales (Torres del Paine)

The city for when you want to get away from civilization completely.

29. Roskilde

The city on a Viking’s bay.

30. Vienna

It took a while, but this metro has grown on me. If I ever catch a concert I’m sure it’ll grow more.

31. Wittenburg

Site of the event of the last millennium.

32. Virginia City

Catch a sarsaparilla in a real saloon.

33. Munich

The Bavarian center to every single German stereotype.

34. Santiago

The Mediterranean metro of South America.

35. Pamukkale

A resort in the middle of Biblical history.

36. Budapest

It’s pretty, but I don’t remember which side you want. Buda or Pest?

37. Hamburg

Like a lot of these beautiful but interchangeable European cities, I remember Hamburg best with my taste buds. Coffee and Franzbrochen.

38. Osorno

Chile has a lot of beautiful cities with Volcanic views. The cathedral in Osorno is Unique.

39. Copenhagen

Scandinavian sites are woth your time if you have the money.

40. Hohnstein

A fairy-tale village if there ever was one.

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