Thursday, February 18, 2016

Star Trek Enterprise (Season 1b)

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This next batch of episodes shows a series still trying to find its voice. Effects and visuals are among the best the Trek universe had presented to this point, but a lot of the stories feel pretty pointless at the conclussions.

7. The Andorian Incident 

The make-up in this episode may be the best TV Trek had produced. As for the story, it is hard to believe this was airing just over a month after 9/11. It feels much more like a post-Snowden storyline. When Archer sides with the truth against his Vulcan allies it feels like the right thing to do but as a viewer I am still surprised they went that way.

8. Breaking the Ice 

Don’t expect much comment on episodes like this one. I watched it and can barely remember what happened.

9. Civilization 

The crew risk exploring a pre-warp culture thanks to the presence of another advanced race messing with things. They probably would have gone exploring anyway. They make a mess of things, but it would have been worse had they not intervened.

10. Fortunate Son 

A compelling story about the line between protecting one’s own and exercising hatred for one’s enemy. Sort of like the difference between saying a man should be allowed to protect his house and setting a trap because you really want to shoot someone and need a break-in as an excuse.

11. Cold Front 

The intrigue of the “Temporal Cold War” returns. That part is cool, but when it continues to go nowhere we feel a bit cheated. And, honestly, can anything worthwhile come from the time-travel plot device? History would say that is unlikely.

12. Silent Enemy 

The crew prove themselves both unprepared for what they are facing in unknown space as well as resourceful enough to get by. So let’s get on to some interesting situations already. We have pretty much exhausted the humanity-exploring-deep-space-for-the-first-time idea. Just explore already!

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