Saturday, February 20, 2016

Last Week’s List Reconsidered

I had a blind-spot revealed to me last week. In the past, I have created my city lists excluding the places where I have lived. However, in my most recent update I decided to create an overall list of my favorite cities, regardless of size. I so doing, I forgot to consider my “lived in” list. As it turns out, five places I have lived should make the list. Here is the adjustment:

1. Dresden, Germany

This is bar-none my favorite city. Had I not lived here, it might actually fall down the ranking a bit. It is a wonderful place to visit, but an even better place to live. Top five anyway you look at it.

2. Prague, 3. Paris, 4. Venice, 5. Florence, 6. Quito, 7. Cortina d’Ampezzo, 8. London, 9. Barcellona, 10. Krakow, 11. Slazburg, 12. Berlin, 13. Istanbul, 14. Lisbon, 15. Rome,

16. Punta Arenas, Chile

A magical, remote place that few have ever experienced. Coast and mountains, city comforts and rustic extremes, the door to the Antarctic and the literal ends-of-the-Earth.

17. Ephesus, 18. Washington D.C., 19. Nuremburg,

20. Graz, Austria

A fairy-tale city with some oft he best eating in the Germanic world.

21. Ramsau/ Berchtesgaden, 22. Meissen, 23. Puerto Mont, 24. Villarica/ Pucon, 25. Santa Fe, 26. Regensburg, 27. Leipzig, 28. Estes Park, 29. Basel

30. Temuco, Chile

If I’m being honest, this city is special to me because I lived there when I did. It likely doesn’t exist in that way anymore, and if I were just considering places to visit it would fall a bit.

31. Rothenburg ob der Taube, 32. Puerto Natales (Torres del Paine), 33. Roskilde, 34. Vienna, 35. Wittenburg, 36. Virginia City

37. San Jose, Costa Rica 

People who have to live here to learn Spanish universally hate it. Except for the 11 year old boys to whom it is a wonderful adventure of a memory.

38. Munich, 39. Santiago, 40. Pamukkale, 41. Budapest, 42. Hamburg, 43. Osorno, 44. Copenhagen, 45. Hohnstein

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