Saturday, February 27, 2016

Quantum Leap Rewatch (Episodes 13-18)


After the last batch of episodes, this one feels a little lightweight. Still good, just not on average as good as some of those.

13. What Price Gloria 

It looks like a story about sexual harassment, which is an easy punching bag, but there is a whole lot more going on here. Much deeper than the scum bags whole treat women like objects, are the women who see themselves as such. Sam helps one such woman to learn to respect herself.

14. Blind Faith 

How did the story meeting go down for this one? Let’s have a blind pianist, a serial killer, an overprotective single mother! In the end they do seem to remember that this is Quantum Leap and have Sam save a girl from the guilt-trip laid on her by a mother who is transferring all of her issues. But it is a messy mix most of the way.

15. Good Morning Peoria 

Baby boomers really do think that they defined freedom with their rock and roll, right? Still, this is one of the more entertaining episodes of the group.

16. Thou Shalt Not 

God sends Sam to keep a woman from having an affair. Things are fascinating when we realize the other guilty party might be the Rabbi that Sam is embodying.

17. Jimmy 

This episode is inspiring for people who know and love people with Down’s Syndrome. It is also frustrating.

18. So Help Me God 

Sam is sent into another racist situation. These scenarios seem all too easy to pick on, as everyone knows how bad racism is today, right? Well, it is one of America’s two or three worst sins, and even today—nearly thirty years after this episode aired—we haven’t been able to get past it. So, maybe we need to keep these stories coming.

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