Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Star Wars Character Thoughts Intro...

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Sometime in my late teens before I left home for college I began to see the philosophical and downright religious indoctrination that the Star Wars mythos was attempting to disseminate and I declared I was done with the franchise. Looking back on this now I am amazed at how my parents handled the declaration. They didn’t try to reason with me or change my mind. They didn’t point out that I was overreacting or try to show me a more positive way to interact with differing points of view. They let me have my moment, likely knowing that my opinions and maturity would change in its own time.

In the intervening years the mythos has grown and my opinions have changed. I own all the movies and watch them with my kids. I dislike the new films and some of the changes they introduced. My love of the originals has lessened somewhat. “The Force” has gone from being an insidious religious idea to being a silly idea involving symbiotic beings on a cellular level that makes no sense. Most importantly, I now approach these myths differently. I see stories like Star Wars and others as an opportunity to dialogue with people about philosophy, life and spiritual realities.

My boys and I got the Star Wars itch last week-end and we watched all six films in two days. This time around I noticed a whole slew of sub-plots and lessons to be learned on a character level. The result is a series of about ten or eleven insights based on the Star Wars characters.

More to come…

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