Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Community (Season 3) Part 3

Episode 12: Contemporary Impressionists 

A bit of a set-up episode for the second half of this genius season. Jeff has been prescribed an anti-anxiety drug that causes his narcissism to go unchecked. The whole group has to impersonate celebrities to pay off a debt Abed owes to a celebrity impersonator company. Jeff’s journey learning to care about others has a bit of a breakthrough in this episode, and Evil Abed makes his first appearance in the primary reality.

Episodes 13 & 14: Digital Exploration of Interior Design/Pillows and Blankets 

The first episode in this two-parter has some interesting satire about out of control corporate politics. It is the second episode, however, that is one of the handful of perfect Community episodes. It is a perfect imitation of a Ken Burns documentary, but still manages to tell a compelling story in its own right, and remain hilarious.

Episode 15: Origins of Vampire Mythology 

Not so much about anything having to do with vampires or vampire mythology, but this is a story about the way some people seem to effortlessly control others. The secret: we seem to secretly want others to disdain us the way we do ourselves. We work hard to earn a love we can never atain from people who will never love us. That is a way we all exhibit our stupidity.

Episode 16: Virtual Systems Analysis 

This episode is a bit convoluted, exploring the interpersonal relations in the community of the study group.

Episode 17: Basic Lupine Urology 

Another amazing send-up, this time of Law and Order.

Episodes 18 & 19: Course Listing Unavailable/Curriculum Unavailable 

The group manages to get themselves kicked out as Chang makes a play to become a dictator of the school. It is a satire of all the crazy dictatorships through history. What is brilliant here is the way the second episode plays with that TV series trope where we are led to believe everything we have seen has all been in the characters minds. It is played perfectly, and then turned on its head the way this story-line always should be. The never-before-seen flashbacks are great.

Episode 20: Digital Estate Planning 

This episode was a fail.

Episode 21: First Change Dynasty 

The Heist, Community-style.

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