Thursday, January 2, 2014

From a Royal Subject

The enemy of meaning
Is not aimlessness but pride.
We fail not through weakness but
Through lies of self-improvement.
The enemy of grace is
Not judgment but false comfort.
The greatest hurdle to joy
Is not grief but happiness.

What kills vision is not blindness…
but subjectivity.

Don’t settle for excuses,
Education, nor addled
Contentment in your broken
Little principality.
Trade your knowledge for wisdom
And guilt for true forgiveness.
Surrender and become what
You were always meant to be.

Not a puppet head of state but…
a subject of the King

True Kingdom is come, hidden
In this prison camp of war.
One wherein slavery is called
“Freedom” and lust is deemed “love.”
I dwell in that same prison,
But so too in the Kingdom.
No longer prisoner,
No longer slave to so-called “freedom.”

As to kings I have discovered…
my subjectivity.

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