Thursday, January 16, 2014

Community (Season 3) Part 2

Season 3 of Community is strong not only for the funny comedy, sharp satire, and pop-culture inside jokes. It has some great philosophical, almost spiritual concerns that it addresses. Carrying on from the look at the book-end episodes last week, we see some more material worthy of interaction:

Episode 2: Geography of Global Conflict

Annie’s competitive nature is awoken when another student steals her idea for a student UN. The competing United Nations must vie for existence. Annie’s wins when Abed thinks outside the box and takes cooperation to a whole new level.

Episode 3: Competitive Ecology

A bit of a scatter-brained episode, but it does finish on a well edited montage of coalescing story lines.

Episode 4: Remedial Chaos Theory

A die is cast at a house-warming party for Troy and Abed, and with it seven different storylines are born. We are introduced to “The darkest of timelines” that will make appearances from time to time as the series goes forward. It is one of the most entertaining alternate universe stories I’ve seen. It highlights the aspect of the importance of our choices in life.

Episode 5: Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps 

Brita has reason to suspect that one of the group is a homicidal maniac, and has them tell scary stories to see if she can suss out which one of them is. It turns out she had simply ran the personality tests through the grader incorrectly. Once she does it the right way they discover only one of them is really sane: Abed. This is a wonderful insight into the series, since Abed is the slightly strange character who thinks they are all a part of a TV show.

Episode 6: Advanced Gay 

The show has always poked fun at homosexuality. This gay-themed episode is all about “Daddy Issues.” Somewhat appropriate.

Episode 7: Studies in Modern Movement 

Annie moves in with Abed and Troy to escape her dangerous neighborhood. Along the way she learns that the deeper a friendship grows, the more challenging it becomes.

Episode 8: Documentary Filmmaking Redux 

A humorous study of artists and the obsession to communicate our ideas to the world. More often than not our message is not nearly as strong as our desire to be heard.

Episode 10: Regional Holiday Music 

One of the best episodes of the series, this season’s Christmas episode is all about the evils of Glee Club culture. Harmless fun, or is it?

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