Monday, July 29, 2013

The Pastoral Conclusion

The inescapable conclusion one arrives at after a trek through the Pastorals, is that Doctrine is one of (if not THE) most important issue in church leadership. Having been in leadership for decades and on the ground floor of several church plants, that conclusion rings true.

However, it is not doctrine in the way many would think that subject would be handled. Paul emphasizes the need for leaders to guard the way doctrine is taught, not exclusively teach it. Leaders need to help people understand and pass on correct doctrine, not hold a monopoly over it. The stress is on the simple, basic doctrine that the Gospel delivers in favor of elaborate teachings of men and traditions. Not that the Gospel is easy.

Everything in the life of the church traces back to sound doctrine founded on the Gospel. Conduct and interaction is governed—not by rules or a law—but rather by love inspired and modeled on the Gospel.

What we learn from the Pastorals is: keep it simple, keep it grounded.

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