Thursday, July 18, 2013

Blue Bloods (Season One)

Because of where I live and the way I consume television, I always seem to be a step behind the current Zeitgeist. As a result, I am just now catching up with what may be one of my all-time favorite shows. “Blue Bloods” is incredibly well written drama. I completely missed out on the “Sopranos” phenomenon, but I now see a glimpse of what may have made that show one of the most well regarded ever.

What makes this show so great? They are telling great stories and developing some very real characters. It isn’t the fact that it is a show about a religious family. In fact, that is something that is misleading about the show. Religion is an important part of the Reagan family, but it is just that—religion. These are not particularly spiritual people. They are moral. That morality is something to admire, and it provides for some great story elements, but this is not a story about religion.

In many ways, the character of Frank Reagan is the classic American character. He is a man who lives by a code. Luckily for our series, that code is not arbitrary or inconsistent. It is the classic Judeo-Christian code. Half the fun of the show is to watch that code butt up against the criminal element in the ciry, but also against the pragmatic, political element. Frank Reagan is someone we can always count on to answer every adversary, every temptation, with well thought out wisdom.

The other joy for me in this series is the way it presents a family that has dedicated itself to a vocational calling. Every member has either become a cop, or is fighting the fight against lawlessness in some way. It is something I can identify with, albeit from the perspective of a family that has shared a slightly different vocational call.

As I continue to catch up with this show (starting season two) I can highly recommend it to others who have not yet given it a chance. As for those who are with the times… don’t spoil it for me!

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