Saturday, July 13, 2013

Anticipating "Saving Mr. Banks"

This trailer sells me in a way few have done in a long time. I have always had “Mary Poppins” amongst my very favorite films. It is charming, clever, entertaining, and has nearly everything someone with a childlike heart of any age could enjoy. However, that is not the main thing about the film for me.

To me, the most moving scene in the film is the one where Bert is telling the kids about their father; about how lonely he is living his life, facing the world. I always promised myself I would never be that man.

It is no exaggeration to say that I am reminded of that promise to myself multiple times every year. Without seeing the film, that scene pops into my mind again and again. Because, however determined one is, it is a struggle not to fall into the trap, the cage in which Mr. Banks lived.

So, the moments in this trailer for “Saving Mr. Banks” where: (a) Disney has missed the whole point of the story, and (b) when he realizes the truth behind the story, work together to nearly choke me up.

There’s no telling if the film will eventually pay off on this promise of depth, but for now the trailer is my current favorite commercial going.


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  1. A story behind a story behind a story that will strike a sentimental chord with anyone who remembers Disney's 1964 hit about a certain singing, flying British nanny.


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