Sunday, July 22, 2012

Titus Introduction, Outline

We will begin the Pastorals with Titus as it is similar to I Timothy but shorter and as 2 Timothy seems to be the better one with which to end.  Here is a working outline:
I. Opening and Greetings (1:1-4)

II. Leadership is vital and good leader selection key to church health. (1:5-9) post

III. False teachers are destructive and cannot be tolerated. (1:10-16) [also 3:9-11] post

IV. Sound doctrine is known by its fruit. post

 A. Sound doctrine leads to godly character… (2:1-10)

 B. …Based in the grace and salvation of the Gospel. (2:11-14) posts 1, 2, 3

 C. Declare these things! (2:15) posts 1, 2

 D. Sound doctrine leads to reputable behavior and good deeds,
     a product of our justification,
     and not to arguments over dogmatic minutia and teaching. (3:1-11) posts 1, 2, 3

VI. Closing Exhortation (3:12-15)

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