Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"Galaxy Quest" (1999)

In 1984 “The Last Starfighter” considered what it would be like if aliens were aware of us and used our popular culture to find those of us who could help them in their fight against evil. The next year “Explorers” speculated that aliens could have a skewed understanding of us if our radio and television transmissions have preceded us into first contact. Even if the former was a bit of a cheap Star Wars imitation and the later was an unfortunate mess, the ideas had merit.

“Galaxy Quest” manages to give the idea a good development, and adds the clever twist of a loosely disguised Star Trek fandom element. The result manages to be an entertaining tale that touches on subjects like: honesty, loyalty, the difference between bravura and courage, the importance of teamwork and maybe cargo religions. Perhaps most importantly it takes a close look at the American love of stories that praise a righteous fight alongside the just as prevalent inability to recognize or engage in such fights in reality.

Ultimately, though, it is just a very funny movie.

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