Saturday, July 28, 2012


For a person truly fascinated with God’s creation, even the annoyances and “more fallen” parts can hide beauty and wonderful design. Some may claim that sin so drastically altered things that things like flies didn’t exist before, or maybe not as they are now, but I don’t think that is altogether true. There is still good in the design, and there are some wonderful examples of God’s creativity to be found among even the most disgusting of insect families:

7. Crane Fly Tipulidae 

These things don’t really eat mosquitoes, and their larva are pretty destructive, but there is something fun about these flies that look like giant, prehistoric blood suckers. Especially since they are harmless and they can really scare little kids and girls who are not in the know.

6. Beetle Fly Celyphidae 

These may be the most bizarre looking flies on the planet. Sometimes you get to thinking that God has a side that enjoys monstrous looking things as much as a little boy. He sure did make a few anyway.

5. Dance Fly Hypotidae 

Another variety that looks like it should come from a science fiction mind. And they dance and run around more than they fly.

4. Horse Fly Tabanidae 

OK. So what were Horse Flies like before sin entered the world? Sometimes you include an animal on these lists out of sheer respect, and these guys inspire more trepidation than hornets. At least hornets aren’t out to get you. These guys are, and they hurt!

3. Robber Fly Asilidae 

Robber Flies are the tigers and lions of the fly family. They are built like attack helicopters. (Or maybe that last sentence should be written the other way around?)

2. Hover Fly Syrphidae 

If you ever need proof that a fly can be cute, entertaining to watch, and even endearing you need to find one of these guys. They never fail to make me stop and take notice.

1. Bee Fly Bombyliidae 

These guys aren’t as showy as the hover fly, but if you do notice them you realize they are like the soft, cuddly version.

[All pictures are found at Wikipedia.]

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