Sunday, September 9, 2012

Implications of Grace part 3 (Titus 2:14)

Here we see the same ideas of verses 11 and 12, only with the Gospel message, God’s grace, spelled out and explained. Christ is the source of God’s grace. His death on the cross has paid the way so that God can be just and punish our sin but still show us mercy by not exacting that punishment upon us. He offers us grace in giving us the love and relationship that Christ earned, not the death that we in our sin have earned.

Not only that, Christ gave himself up on the cross so that He might purify us as His people. We see once again that the result of grace is not just salvation and redemption, but also purification and sanctification. We grow in Christ-likeness, not through our efforts or in our power, but through the grace of God.

And what do we, as God’s people, look like? When we are His people, we are zealous for good works.

Zealotry is not something that is admired these days. That is probably because zealots are usually seen as those who are fanatical about an ideology without thought. They try to push a belief on the world. That is not what is called for here. God’s people are zealous for good works. That zealotry is inspired by a belief, but it is not thoughtless. God’s people have a passion to make the world a better place as a result of their understanding of God’s grace. We share a story, but we do not insist that people accept it. What we do insist upon is that, where we are able, we will do what is right. We will help others. We will show God’s love. We will be examples of grace.

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