Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wooden Spoon Worries

I once heard of a man, who munched,
At twelve each night, a midnight lunch,
But nowadays he no longer eats,
His nighttime snacks, nor daytime sweets.

It seems one night, late in July,
His wooden spoons planned to beat out his lights.
They left him murdered, bloody, dead,
Before he could even get out the bread!

But I have personally asked my ladle,
If midnight snackers like I were in danger.
It said, “Silly man, don’t you Know?
Wooden spoons haven’t a single mean bone!”

So since wooden spoons don’t move around at night,
Have no worries, heed no frights.
Go ahead, get your midnight snack,
But just in case, hurry on back.


  1. Psh, wooden spoons can doch be dangerous. Just ask David! My mom broke a few of them on him.

    (Because they were dried out, not because my parents are abusive, just to clarify for the other readers.)

  2. That is why my dad had a specially doctored Pizza paddle, that he occasionally took out and reinforced with masking tape, just so we would remember it was there.


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