Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Strategic Missional Principles: Gifts Based

Another part of being intentional in our strategy is to limit our activities and efforts based on giftedness. Just as there is no magic program that can be implemented everywhere for success in ministry, not every Christian is called or gifted to play the same role. We need to know and operate within the giftedness we are given.

First of all, that means knowing our limits. We are all made to feel that the only valid way to do evangelism is to share the Gospel with complete strangers on our first meeting. Basically, if you are ever on a plane you had better leave the flight with a new Christian sitting in the seat beside you. The problem is not everyone is gifted that way. (In fact, there may be a greater problem with such “salesman” approaches to this message we call The Gospel, but that is another thought altogether.) Some people are wired to be teachers. Some are great organizers and planners. Everyone has a role to play. We will only be successful in the role we have been called to fill, so we best not try to operate outside that role.

Secondly, we quickly realize that no one can fulfill a Missional strategy alone. God’s participation is needed, of course, but beyond that we need others. The church has always been a body of many members fulfilling various roles and functions. When building such a team, giftedness and overall meshing need to be considered. Do not look for people to fill specific jobs, but rather people with a giftedness that completes the team, or strengthens it in areas that are lacking.

Finally, even with a team, we need to realize that there is an overall giftedness that the team possesses. The team itself needs to recognize that there are certain limited things that they can attempt and focus on. Trying to be all things at once will only lead to frustration and burn-out. Being strategic means limiting the things we attempt.

That being said, it does not mean wearing blinders to all that is going on around us…

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