Monday, March 8, 2010

2 Corinthians 2:14-3:6 (The "Tells" of Missional Living)

In Poker, people speak of players having “tells,” or behavior changes that speak to what they have in their hand. In much the same way, Christians should be recognizable on sight in certain ways. Paul uses three qualities to describe the authentic and evangelistic Christian—or what some people these days are calling Missional.

The Smell. Paul says a Christian just has a certain aroma. To the people who are open to God and searching for truth, the Christian “smells” good. To those who are not interested or outright reject the notion of God, a Christian will stink. We should not be able to help the way we are as Christians. The truth we know should come out in every aspect of our behavior and speech.

The Fruit. This passage has been referred to here to indicate that all Christians have a messenger role to play; we are letters that have been sent. What Paul is also saying here is that Christians should not have to go around saying they are Missional, they will have changed lives around them that show it clearly. Our resume should live around us.

The Spirit. Nothing a person does or improves or works at brings about the smell or the fruit. It is what we allow God to do through us. God has the plan, the power and the ability to change lives, not us.

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