Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Strategic Missional Principles: Spirit-led

This principle was almost dubbed “Mystical.” Basically this quality is the answer to the question, “On which relationships do we concentrate in Missional ministry/ living?” To understand exactly what is intended, an illustration may be in order.

Remember that scene in Toy Story where Buzz “flies?” He has just arrived in Andy’s room. He believes he is a real space patrol agent. He believes he can fly. When the other toys want to see him demonstrate this, he confidently jumps of the bed—eyes closed. Through an incredible sequence of coincidences (involving a car on a racetrack, a bouncy ball and a ceiling fan) he does indeed “fly.” Of course, he does not really fly, but the effect is the same. He accomplishes what he wanted to, what he believed he could do.

We believe that God has a purpose for us to accomplish and that that purpose involves using us to change lives around us. Much like a toy thinking it can fly, we believe we can affect God-sized changes in the world.

Some people, in typically American, sweat of your brow, pull up your bootstraps, fashion think it is all about hard work. They say that if statistics show that we only impact X percent of people we meet, we simply need to meet more people… to the tune of thousands a year. It is very much the evangelist as a salesman model.

Instead, Missional living requires being led by the spirit, walking in faith. Which relationships do we invest in? What activities do we take on? There are more qualities and principles in these choices, of course, but the essential answer is whichever ones God leads us too. If you feel led to do something or talk to someone, do so. Perhaps more importantly, if you do not feel led then don’t! Doing things to be busy means you may not be available when you are needed…

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