Tuesday, August 18, 2009

To Those Feeling Called: Consider Being a Spiritual Instigator

The experience of being “on staff” in a church can be quite frustrating. You lead by doing. In truth you simply do what should be done. The church sees that its task is being done, that they are accomplishing things, because they are paying people to do it. More often than not a “spiritual leader” in what has become traditional church ministry, has a vision from God and gets it done all by themselves. If there is participation beyond staff it is cultivated, encouraged and prodded every step of the way. It is hard work and in the end, little difference is realized because the effects last only as long as the “leadership” keeps at it.

The experience of being a “spiritual instigator” on the other hand can be quite stimulating. You affect by suggestion. You simply point people in the right direction. Communities of believers see a task to be done, and maybe they will, maybe they won’t. The “apostolic leader” has a vision from God and brings others into the vision. Since there is no perception of “hired help” there is little pressure to force results through. Some of the visions are catching and are cultivated, expanded and multiply every step of the way. It is exciting work and in the end, others see what is going on and want to join in and experience the excitement as well.

Biblically speaking, leadership in the church is given by God to equip and excite the church to accomplish God’s plan, not to do the work for the church. It is so much more fulfilling to have churches look to you for direction and instruction in a pagan environment, than goods and services in a sheltered ghetto.


  1. excellent post, great way to explain this concept...I want to be an instigator

  2. Thanks, Grady. I was not sure that I had explained what I was getting at so well, but maybe it worked. There is a huge joy in not having to be control of everything, but letting groups of believers develop visions you sow in thier own context.


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