Monday, August 24, 2009

1 Corinthians 1:26-31 (Wanted: The Unqualified)

Paul uses some pretty unflattering language to describe the Corinthian believers—and through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit—all the rest of us believers too.

…not many wise…
…not many mighty…
…not many noble…
…foolish things…
…base and despised…

God has chosen us, elected us, and not based on any merit we possess—at least not any good merits. If what Paul is saying here is what it seems to be, God has chosen us for our inadequacies and our weaknesses. Abraham seems to have been chosen on similar grounds. He did so to shame the pride of the world. And He did so to use people in ways they could never claim to operate on their own.

So Christians have no grounds to boast other than Christ. Those set apart for the Gospel, Paul other church planters and cross-cultural messengers are not “the cream of the crop.” Instead it might be that God chooses the weakest and the least gifted of His children to spread the word so that people aren’t saying, “Have you heard so-and-so preach?” Hopefully when people hear God’s message preached it is the message and not the delivery that they remember.

All that being said, laying our own egos aside to shine a light on Jesus Christ is not so bad. And in spite of the fact that there are many so called “ministers” engaged in self-promotion, the main problem in Paul’s day as well as ours is more the fact that there are far too many believers engaged in hero worship of fellow believers.

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  1. God goes with the willing. It seems that the only difference between a fisherman and a rich young ruler is the willingness to follow. Its not about wisdom or ability, but the willingness to go with Him during the learning curve. Insightful post, bro.


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