Thursday, August 27, 2009

It Was Fun While It Lasted

The United States of America has been a pretty great experiment. The only problem is it requires a lot of work. There has always been the danger of people becoming too lazy. This whole freedom and self-determination thing requires a certain amount of responsibility and education. There is a lot of uncertainty as to whether the country has enough people willing to do the work required to keep the thing going.

Back in the early days of the United States, voting was considered a privilege not a right. The founders required land ownership to vote, which presumably ensured that the voters would take the direction of the country seriously. Of course, there were a lot of people unjustly disenfranchised and everyone should be able to vote, but it would be nice if somehow people would see it as a responsibility and not just a way to get things that they want.

Because that is what it has become. People vote for the politician that promises the most. Everyone even knows that they never deliver and they never campaign on the truth. And that is the way that things have gotten as bad as they have. Someone promises to give the country a magic solution to everything they have ever dreamed of—hope, change and “Yes we can” slogans—all nebulous, meaningless lies as usual. If anyone had bothered to look (actually many did) they would have seen a record and a philosophical position that bordered on Socialism.

Well those concerns raised by a few seem to have panned out over the past few months. Socialism by whatever name it is known these days is what we are toying with, and either 52% of the country got exactly what they wanted or a lot of the voters in 2008 were sorely under informed.

Either way, it is not the end of the world. Socialism is do-able; you just won’t have all the freedoms you once enjoyed in the States. But then, maybe we can’t handle the responsibility and amount of education that requires anymore.

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  1. This is what America wants. Socialism takes responsibility off of the individual, and gives it to the government. They practically begged Obama to bail out mismanaged banks and companies just so they wouldn't have to pay the price. It's a sad day for the republic.


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