Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Fixer

Well, the critics seem to be panning Pearl Jam’s latest work, but “The Fixer” sounds like a lot of fun. Maybe some feel that bands like Pearl Jam should stay in a hard rock box, or maybe they just don’t like pop in their music. Here’s predicting it will have a higher “play” than “skip” count on my iTunes.

This is a happy, optimistic song which people only familiar with Pearl Jam’s early-popular stuff might not expect. The text is one of those formulaic patterns where you say the same basic sentence over and over again with slight variations of meaning. It is about someone who loves to make things better. Basically, it is a guy song. That tends to be the way we are wired.

Musically, it is incredibly fun. It is a drummer’s song and the rhythms give that away. It is complex in its structure. That has got to be tough to play, but in a way the fact that they make it work so well contributes to the message of the song.

Honestly, we live in a culture and in a time where very few people have the attitude of this song. We are quick to criticize and complain, but are very slow to do anything to make things better. As Gen-X steps onto the stage and runs things for a while, that is to be expected. We are the generation that sees the negative in everything. This song is about redeeming the good in life. “What’s saved could be one last lifetime.”

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